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Good News

The Straits Times Friday, August 24, 2012

Mother Tongue Portal

Say It Right

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Changing Education Paradigms

Sir Ken Robinson offers a fresh view on education.


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The Unthinkable

The Malaysian government has given approval for an independent Chinese secondary school to be set up in the state of Pahang – a decision analysts say would have been unthinkable just four years ago. Chinese educators in Malaysia are pushing for more Chinese Schools in other states.

Wikipedia (page last modified on 13 July 2012):
There are a total 60 Chinese independent high schools in the country, including 23 from East Malaysia…

but none in Pahang, the third largest state in Malaysia.

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The benefits of bilingualism

An interesting article featured in the New York Times : The Benefits of Bilingualism

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Speak their Language

The young generations have made their choice to speak their language. Non of the above, but…..DIALECT
Kudos to them all.

An article featured in the Straits Times Monday June 4, 2012:

Building bridges with elderly through dialects By Sarah Giam,

mentioned that what started as a school project: visiting elderly people in their one room flats has got Kenneth Leong hooked on dialect.

Now, he and his team of volunteers;

‘has held more than 10 workshops at which they share their volunteering experience with primary and secondary school students.’

During these workshops, they taught simple phrases in Hokkien, which were compiled into a 59-page book in 2010. It includes Hokkien phrases, games that the young can play with the elderly, and chords for classic songs.

Armed with similar objective of wanting to help volunteers or the public pick up basic dialect, students from The National University of Singapore’s Community Service Club, Chinese cultural organisations have been organising lessons as well.

Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan, says

‘since 2003, young Singaporean have made up about a third of those taking their Teochew classes’.

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Spanish now offered as third language

Spanish is the third most commonly used language on the internet after English and Mandarin. From 2014, secondary school students would be able to take Spanish as a third language while junior college students can do so from 2018.

Being a true blue Singaporean , my ‘Kiasu” mindset tells me why wait till then? Let’s join the world.

Enjoy a quick start with the alphabet.

<a href="“>Spanish Alphabet

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